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Cornell Dr.  Unit is no longer available.
Our home is your home.  We have nice Section 8 homes to rent.  Click on the address below for pictures and more information.
Thank you for your interest in our rental unit. At the present time, unit is no longer available. Please do not apply. This unit has been rented. We encourage you to visit our other vacancies by clicking the address at the top of the Home screen.  Once selected, please view the pictures and read the description of the property. Then, scroll down to complete a screening questionnaire. There is no charge for completing the questionnaire and we do not charge application fees unlike most landlords and property managers. If we do not have a rental of your interest, we encourage you to revisit our website monthly to check for any new vacancies. 

At Colonial Residential Properties, all of our units are subsidized by either local, state or federal agencies. If you have a housing subsidy, we would be interested in you. However, if you do not have a housing subsidy such as Miami Valley Housing Opportunity (MVHO) or HUD Section 8, we would be unable to rent to you.

Please be aware for all of our units, we have instituted a Policy regarding excessive music and noise. Our company has instituted a new Policy regarding music and other forms of noise for all rental units. We call it "low to no" music playing for the benefit of the neighborhood and our other families who live in the vicinity. This means tenants must keep music and other forms of noise to an absolute minimum. Applicants seeking to rent this unit must agree to this Policy and there are penalty fines for violation.


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4.What is your email address.  We will communicate with you by email. Email required.

5.Do you have a Section 8 voucher?  Select an answer.  If you do not have a voucher, we cannot accept you as an applicant.

6.If you have a voucher, what type bedroom size voucher is it?  Select one answer

7.What is your HVS and 40% numbers?  Preference will be given to applicants who know both numbers
   Type numbers in the appropriate square.

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8.What is the name and phone number of your current landlord.  Phone number with area code required.

9.What is your previous address prior to the current address? Provide street address, city and zip

10.What is the name and phone number of your previous landlord.  Phone number with area code required.

11.Are you currently employed?  Type Yes or No

12.If employed, please insert the name of your employer

13.If employed, insert your start date.  Example:  October 1, 2013

14.What is your net monthly salary?  Insert the actual pay amount you receive. Do not include taxes       or any other deductions. Type the word monthly after the amount.   Example: $1700.00 monthly

​15. Type your name again, please

Note: We board up all of our units whenever they are vacant per company policy. So, if you drive by our unit and you see boards on the windows and doors, do not be alarmed. The home is Section 8 ready to rent.  Available for showing beginning March 11.

By clicking Yes and Submit, you are authorizing us to contact your current and previous landlord for rental history including Section 8 inspection reports  or  Miami Valley Housing inspection reports if you are a MVHO recipient.   You are also authorizing release of information. I authorize release of my rental information.     Click "Yes, I authorize release" and click "Submit"                     

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